2011 Updates

I haven’t had the pleasure of typing on my keyboard for a while. It is fantastic.

I went to a scout camp in Wollongong 2 weeks ago. It was great on Mount Kira with a bunch of rovers and lovely fun in the sun. I came out of it with a bit of sunburn on my shoulders/back and my scalp. It was awesome to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy some healthy physical activity.

Last weekend I went to Sydney for an anime flash-mob that failed epically. It wasn’t well organised or syncronised. The entire event lacked dispersion of members amongst the city; It was a pile of cosplayers running around making a mess.
The second half of the weekend exponentially more enjoyable with a LAN at Bevans. I’ll have to convert a backpack with some velco/straps to carry a computer/monitor around the place, or I’ll just keep driving my champagne chariot around places.

The girl front is possibly worse than before, although it hasn’t changed at all. I don’t think there has been a worthwhile girl to chase in a while. I would like to think that I am not entirely the worst person around.

I got a new motorbike. A 2008 GSX650F. It apparently makes a 3.7 second 0-100km/h, but I very much doubt I could pull off such a speedy takeoff. I’ve got to take it in for the 5000k service. I’m not sure if I’m optimistic that they will return my electronic query, or if I am the best procrastinator in the world.

Work has been OK. I’ve been starting on AIX. I haven’t started with Solaris yet, but it will be soon. Dispatching is still shit; Hopefully they recruit a masochist to take on the role and rid me of the suffering. People are leaving like rats abandoning a sinking ship and the guys who remain just haven’t found a bit of driftwood yet.

I haven’t had a chance to draw up any new web comics. I’ve written out a bunch (probably lost somewhere under my stacks of junk) and need to photoshop or gimp (how appropriate) them up.

Goddamn I love Metallica!

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