Oh about me. 26/M/Canberra. That is all you need to know. This page went out of date pretty quickly without my attention. I’m pretty relaxed about everything. I try to love my job, and I do love getting paid to solve puzzles. I have a house and a bedroom.
I’ve sold my commodore (Champagne Chariot, Golden Holden) and I ride around on my GSX650f provided the weather isn’t too horrid. I’ve got a Honda Integra right now too.

Linux user (administrator too, but only when I am sleeping). Tivoli Monitoring Administrator. Home-server hacker. I fiddle with everything.

I am a lazy vegetarian. I don’t eat meat, but I am super lazy about how I prepare my vegetables. Butter and black peppercorns make everything delicious.

One comment on “About
  1. Exannuc Smith says:

    When are you going to put up some REAL goss about the internal workings of the organisation that created the original BAU Worm (who, I understand, has been severely affected by 6 years of repressed anger) ?
    In fact we had lunch the other day and he was not the same person…Personally I would not like to be one of two people (one in particular) who were responsible for his plight…
    Anyway, hope the girl front is getting better. Try the Public Service there are more there….(also Uni)!!
    Cheers – The Axe Man