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Anker 10 Port USB Hub – AK-68ANHUB-B10A

The best 10 port USB hub available? One might ask what they would do with a 10 port USB hub, but the possibilities are nearly endless*. Product Number: AK-68ANHUB-B10A Amazon Link: Length: 14.5cm Length (USB and power ports included):

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Installing Teamspeak 3 on CentOS 7.2

Getting Started So you’ve just installed a new CentOS server and want to get teamspeak running. There are a few steps to setting up a reliable service for your friends or clan. Setup, Download and Install Firstly ssh into your

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SDA Manual Install – IBM Tivoli Monitoring

Manually Installing Self-Describing Agent features with ITM6.2.3 upwards: There is a little-known script for manually installing SDA (Self-Describing Agent) support. I’ve had limited success getting this to work with the ITCAM for Transactions: Internet Service Monitoring agent, but I suspect

Installing Teamspeak 3 on CentOS 6.6

Getting Started Firstly ssh into your server: ssh user@server Create a user to run the teamspeak server: sudo useradd teamspeak Download the source as that user: You’ll want to grab the download link from the teamspeak downloads page. Make sure

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Keyboard heaven

Typing on clouds, although I feel like I am stumbling through learning the key layout. Sometimes I regret making decisions like getting blank keycaps. I printed out the keyboard layout, and when I do use the function keys it is

Galaxy S2 Power Saving mode issue

After the power saving mode on my phone was ‘always on’ I got a little bit annoyed. After turning my my dear friend Google, I soon discovered it was quite an issue. I’ve just flashed my kernel with odin and

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Server Migration

Over the last few months I have migrated servers twice. I went from my aging x346 to a HP DL-585g1 and then I have moved to a HP Microserver (HP Micro G7 N36L). It was strange moving from a 2RU,


Oh the roller-coaster of life. It isn’t at all samey, but it was starting to feel like that last week when I started writing the title of this page. I honestly think I must be the most obnoxious person ever.

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2011 Updates

I haven’t had the pleasure of typing on my keyboard for a while. It is fantastic. I went to a scout camp in Wollongong 2 weeks ago. It was great on Mount Kira with a bunch of rovers and lovely

Das Keyboard

I bought a new keyboard just recently. I spilled cranberry juice in my G15 (first gen). It is mechanical and fantastic. It feels like I am typing on clouds and robots from the future. I’ve been futilely re-learning touch typing.

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