I wish I could write down everything, or at least tell it all in a long and exciting story. I love writing, but everything seems to just mishmash into a big pile of crap. Everything seems pretty bad right now. I’m single, my job sucks and the weather is still too cold to ride to work on my pushbike.  There is a plus side to everything; It couldn’t get much worse.

I’ve got money coming back in my tax return, I’m still able to use my legs and summer is coming. I’ve got a job lined up for after my internship so that should be pretty nice and I might be able to afford to buy a car. I think I’ll switch from car, bike and deadly treadly to just car and treadly. That’ll save on rego and insurance, plus it is dangerous out on the road when you’re on 2 wheels. The ride isn’t too far, about 45KM for a round trip. I should be able to pull it off in about 2.5 hours. The car trip is about 1.5 so an extra hour will be thoroughly enjoyed especially if I can just relax and enjoy the scenery without having to worry about potholes, roadworks, motorists and anything else unmentioned but worth adding.

I’m moving into a new role this week (it was supposed to be a month ago, but the new guy was delayed). It is just stupid how much work I have been given (over the last 7 months) and no-one keeps track of it. Hopefully they see some sense once I am gone and get some more people. I don’t usually get frustrated, but this is just terrible. I had some work to do 2 weekends ago which was delayed just because some guy thought it was a good idea to not approve it. The work went ahead this weekend with some unexpected issues, and I went through the correct (as far as I know) steps to get it remedied, but someone at the helpless-desk seems to think that ticket management shouldn’t be part of their job. The off-shored accounts are just headaches. I’m glad to be moving into a role within our borders.

On the social life front I’ve been to more LAN parties in the last few weeks than I have in the entire year before that. There is still an empty feeling. I’ve only ever had 4 girlfriends, but I seem to overreact when I get dumped (3/4 times). I just reminisce about how I could have done things better, which probably just adds to the mind issues.  Until recently been concerned over the amount of phone calls that girlfriends involve. Now I understand how nice just simple conversations are, and receiving a phone call. Also photos, I will attempt to be more photogenic in the future.

I’m also working on my physique. I’ve been doing push ups semi-regularly and now I can do 35+ (hopefully I’ll be able to manage 40+ after I get over this damned cold). I also need to buy some more figure hugging  nerd t-shirts as I am cutting down on my weight. With this dang fangled  ‘eat less, exercise more’  mentality hopefully I can push myself back up to 95kg without having a belly. I’ll keep dreaming that a girl might ask me out one day. I almost forgot, wii fit is a sham.

I’ll post some pics of my server next time. I might also work on it too, if I get some free time from work.

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