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Anker 10 Port USB Hub – AK-68ANHUB-B10A

The best 10 port USB hub available? One might ask what they would do with a 10 port USB hub, but the possibilities are nearly endless*. Product Number: AK-68ANHUB-B10A Amazon Link: Length: 14.5cm Length (USB and power ports included):

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Keyboard heaven

Typing on clouds, although I feel like I am stumbling through learning the key layout. Sometimes I regret making decisions like getting blank keycaps. I printed out the keyboard layout, and when I do use the function keys it is

Das Keyboard

I bought a new keyboard just recently. I spilled cranberry juice in my G15 (first gen). It is mechanical and fantastic. It feels like I am typing on clouds and robots from the future. I’ve been futilely re-learning touch typing.

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I have been playing around with my 8208XLP since I got the damned thing almost a year ago. When I originally got it I purchased 3x 1TB western digital green drives to put in my sweet case (as seen in