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2011 Updates

I haven’t had the pleasure of typing on my keyboard for a while. It is fantastic. I went to a scout camp in Wollongong 2 weeks ago. It was great on Mount Kira with a bunch of rovers and lovely

Toasting at the Office

I was defrosting some bread at the office. The toasting and microwave facilities are a little sub-par when it comes to cleanliness. After about 20-30 minutes at the exhaust ports of my T61 these bits of bread were fully thawed

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I’ll keep dreaming that a girl might ask me out one day.

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Sea Rats ahoy!

Thanks Sarah for turning my notepad drawing into a comic. Please feel enlightened by my humourous writing.

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Parking at work

The cars on either side of the Champagne Chariot are way outta line

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This is just a quick blog to say how much I hate being oncall. And I hate even more that there are about 900 ways to say on call. A short update on things too I guess. My beard is

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The Split

See what I did there?

Drew Tait

So I was looking and Drew’s homedir was drwx—— so I was like. Sure thing that looks pretty normal. On another note I’m not sure my dream girl likes me. I guess the most I can do is ask. Another

Claim-code access and life

I’ve found a chick who could quite possibly be the best ever.

I love IBM

old-school *NIXers are into rainbows, unicorns and having great gray beards