Das Keyboard

I bought a new keyboard just recently. I spilled cranberry juice in my G15 (first gen). It is mechanical and fantastic. It feels like I am typing on clouds and robots from the future. I’ve been futilely re-learning touch typing. I was previously much worse at it. I’m going to buy one for work too. As they say; If you’re going to be doing something for 8 hours it may as well be comfortable.

When playing games, generally pressing ‘i’ to access the inventory, is painful and requires a few jabs at the keys. I’m getting used to it, but the pressing to capitalise letters on the left side of the board is a difficult habit to break.
I’m also thinking about switching to the vi mode for bash. Oh the difficulties involved in being a team player.

On a negative note, all other keyboards feel like I’m typing on a pile of rubbish.
I could switch to dvorak. Although that would mean even skilled qwerty users would fail under the extreme stress of having to use my keyboard! EXTREME! I think that is the main reason for having a keyboard like this. It is either elite to use it, or it is noob to not be able to use it. I’m not sure.

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