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As a Linux administrator it really gets me excited to see where it has evolved from. The current unit we are studying is Mainframe Systems 2. It has covered topics such as virtualisation, scripting, panels and z/OS Unix. I’m not all that interested* in the first 3 topics, while the last topic has enthralled me. As students studying a very focused, yet just as broad, set of computers systems we are required to utilise a non-production instance of z/OS running on a z/VM. It is amazing what 20 determined students with willy-nilly idea of what is going on can do to a mainframe (or at least our guest OS). Also who-ever “thought” of this grading scheme is insane. We had a quiz on z/VM in the first week or so of class worth 10% of our final grade. It had 7 multiple choice questions in it. The next 3 weeks work is worth 20%. The 3 weeks for z/OS UNIX is worth 40%. While the open book, online multiple choice ‘exam’ is worth 30% of our grade.

So to get to my real story. There is some level of awesomeness which comes out of this document. I can fully understand, only after looking at this document, why people think old-school *NIXers are into rainbows, unicorns and having great gray beards.

———————-  http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg246989.html ———————-

It is worthwhile viewing the 6.1MB PDF of this if you’re really interested in seeing some quality document design, but I have extracted some of the best.

Best of the Best

All these images are excerpts from the above mentioned IBM Redbook. They are also barely taken out of context.

*note: not all that interested should be interpreted as “I wouldn’t go out of my way to learn anything about them beyond the scope outlined in the unit curriculum.” I’ve still got to pass the course, no-matter how much fun stuff there is to get me distracted from the ‘real’ learning outcomes.

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