Well I’m back to blogging about life. It is a hard one  to avoid because I try to live so hard. Work has been fun as always. I’ve got myself a cute GF which is awesome. I haven’t ridden my bike in about a month, which isn’t awesome. My champagne chariot is going OK. My computer hasn’t changed much…

Well I alluded to how much I love being oncall last week.  This week I think I will say how much I really liked the old ticket management systems and helpdesk operators. I think it is easy enough to describe them as real life things. So here goes. I’ll use abbreviations of names so people don’t get offended while other people still know what I’m talking about.

problem-managementWell it is officially the worst photoshopping ever. But I am getting used to GIMP. I figured this is probably what most of the problem management tools would look like if they ever took material forms (except for the bare metal they are installed on). Then they would just look like mainframes and nothing would be exciting.  Imagine a picture with 4 mainframes on it? I am thinking “oh baby”, but I guess it wouldn’t be that interesting for a blog post. So here it is.  I’ll go through the list in order from smallest picture to largest so as to not discriminate between servers.

MN: This thing is like the titanic. It is unsinkable, it moves slow and can handle a hell of a lot of stuff. Very solid, but if you don’t have the magical number of characters in your password it won’t let you in. Plus it hit an iceberg and sank.

Damaged Cow: Compatible with about 1/3 of the mainstream web browsers. Slow and has a nice short timeout to prevent you staying on too long. Also has a nasty habit of not working.

R1: Nothing bad to say about R1, except that when you change anything you will need to get all your approvers redone. It makes a bit of sense from an approver perspective, but if I modify the “estimated” duration of a change it re-requests approval! Restarts approval if you will.

New Tool: It is like giving a jet fighter to a caveman. You won’t get anything done, but it will sure as hell feel impressive. Why can I select multiple records, but not perform an action on more than 1? I feel like I am stuck in a blackhole, and the only way out is if I perform the same steps on 10 tickets separately.  Blarghhh!

I got myself a cute girlfriend. I can’t provide pics *shifty eyes*. You’ll just have to believe she exists. She’s oh so fun. Lovely to talk to and just hang out with and she likes computers/games/anime and every damned thing I like. OK that is a little bit of an overstatement of how much stuff she likes that I like, but it is close. I just have to work on the linux a little. I think subliminal messages might work, or even suggestive bootable DVDs. I reckon I could also leave notes around with echo commands (shell escaped, correct syntax and such) so that I can teach her without it being too obvious.  Example: echo -e “hi sarrynthow are you going? I’ll talk to you later.nless than three Mark” perhaps on a post it note or something. I’ve gotta think of some more subtle hints.  So excepting her inability to use linux I’d vote that Sarah is one cool chick.

My commodore is going alright. I am still a little skeptical of the computer components/sensors and I think one day I will see if I can get some error codes or look around for dodgey components. I’ve got some power steering hoses to replace or some clamps to tighten. I sure hope it is just the clamps or else I’m in for a mess.  My little brother got a new saab (first car). End of car news.

On the computer front. I have concluded that I have a dodgy stick of ram, although I have just recently had issues with my DVD-ROM drive chucking a hissy fit. Luckily they are hot-unpluggable and I quickly sorted it out.  It seems my HDD has also got its fair share of SMART errors logged.

Error 162 occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 18868 hours (786 days + 4 hours)

I don’t know, I’ve tested out a different hard disk which seemed to  have the same issues with the RAM. I guess I won’t be getting a solid state in a while. Hopefully I can track down what is actually wrong with it so that GeiL will replace it (or I can get it working).

In closing, I would like to mention how much I love not being oncall.

3 comments on “Lyfe
  1. "Sarry" says:

    echo “n You suck Arki. nn There is no way i’m going to learn any of your linux insanity. n o_o )

    umount sarahbrain

  2. Desbo's Mum says:

    I don’t know if you should be hanging around with girls Mark, they will lead you astray and you will never fulfill your dream of becoming the president of Scouts Australia.

  3. Exannuc Smith says:

    Seriously ? You have to unmount a filesystem to shrink it ??
    Man, we could go some of that high-uptime operating system in our Business……oh, wait….
    Response from pundits: “Oh, but it depends on what type of filesystem you are using”
    Me: “Why do we need different fs types ?”
    Pundits: “Different functions, some focus on speed, some on large data, some on vast numbers of small objects. Horses for courses”
    Me: “Well, I have to say I’ve worked with JFS2 for about 20 odd years now, and NEVER found the need to consider another type. Only two corruptions in that time (SAN failure under large DB high I/O). And…you can shrink it online. The manager even warns you if you are reducing the size by more than the free space available”.

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