Parking at work

Office parking isn’t fun when all the spots are small. There has been speculation about how much nicer the entire car park could be if they removed a few of them. I arrived late at work one day to find only a handful of places to park. *There is the option of parking down the street, but I would prefer to apply myself to a difficult spot than walk from an easy one.

Champagne Chariot

As you can see my photography skills are terrible.  The cars on either side of the Champagne Chariot are way outta line. I parked in the morning and managed to leave before them both. Needless to say I entered through the passenger’s side door. Please note that ABSOLUTELY no attempt was made to obfuscate any number plates, I was merely trying to show how much room these chumps had left.

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One comment on “Parking at work
  1. Samwich says:

    Champagne Chariot and the crappy parking situation got a mention, gold star!. It’s all these little things that ruined my day that I forgot about after leaving. Thanks for reminding me why I left and confirming I made the right decision!

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