Oh the roller-coaster of life. It isn’t at all samey, but it was starting to feel like that last week when I started writing the title of this page.

I honestly think I must be the most obnoxious person ever. If not obnoxious then at least creepy. Not regular special guy who sometimes talks to you creepy, like stalker, shrine, dreams, whackjob, saliva, constant annoyance creepy. Maybe I’m not. I could just be asking the wrong(right) girls out on dates. I have had a philosophy that I would only be interested in girls that were interesting (funnily enough). It totally doesn’t work as nice girls are not in abundance.

I got my second ‘das keyboard’ delivered today. It is just as awesome as my first one. The cherry MX browns are so silent by comparison. I feel like I am working up some sort of type-writer when I bash at my blues. I opted for the silent version so that I could use it in an office environment without sending my co-workers as loopy as I am. Hopefully some of the HR chicks are in awe of my 31337 skills of not having labels on my keys.

I am super excited that it is the weekend. I thought that I might have a date, but it turns out I am even more special than I could have ever imagined. I wish there was some mandatory government law that you couldn’t be single and you had to at least go on a few dates. A bit like the dole for girls…

My xbox360 conversion is coming along nicely. I’ve got it all put in a G5 PPC case, I’ve got it secured nicely using the G5’s power supply. It is all hooked up (no DVD drive sadly). It is also not sad that I have no DVD drive because they are useless. I bought a sheet of aluminium down at aussie junk for $5 and I’ve been using it to craft an air baffle for the CPU/GPU. I just need to secure that down. I suspect a few pop rivets and a screw will sufficiently hold it down.

I think I have finally lost the plot and I am going to buy a house. Fsck getting a GF, if one of them actually wants to go out with me I’m sure they will ask.

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  1. Tessa says:

    Update your blog!!! 🙂 NOW!

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