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Manually Installing Self-Describing Agent features with ITM6.2.3 upwards:

There is a little-known script for manually installing SDA (Self-Describing Agent) support. I’ve had limited success getting this to work with the ITCAM for Transactions: Internet Service Monitoring agent, but I suspect it is related to the java components installed on the TEPS (Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server) and the tep.jnlp includes.

This should be useful for installing support for newer agents if you are restricted in upgrading the OS agent (LZ,NT,UX) or additional agent (E.G: RZ, UD, IS, etc) to a version which supports SDA and can’t restart the production systems.

An example: If you’ve got the KRZMSMAN.txt and KRZJSTMS.jar, KRZJSTPS.jar, KRZJSTPW.jar in /home/itmuser/.
The valid options for -t are tms, tpw and tps. -i /opt/IBM/ITM/ -d /home/itmuser/ -p rz -t tms

An extra command may be required to refresh the catalog:

I had to refresh the catalog on the HTEMS (HUB) and RTEMS (REMOTE) to get them to pick up the new attribute/catalog files without a TEMS (Tivoli Monitoring Enterprise Server) restart.

/opt/IBM/ITM/bin/tacmd RefreshCatalog -s RTEMS_NAME
/opt/IBM/ITM/bin/tacmd RefreshCatalog -s HTEMS_NAME

Figuring out if your agent supports SDA:

This page can be used to help figure outif your agent supports SDA easily.

Please post a comment if you manage to get this to work or it helps you out.

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