The Split

So here goes. I don’t have a damned thing to blog about so I am just going to try to combine random stuff I have been thinking about for the week and see if I can come up with a decent blog. It’ll be more like a live journal without all the emo stuff like kissing girls or going on dates. There has been a lot happening at work and outside, except none of it is exciting. I really love talking to people about my issues. It makes everything feel oh so much better. I just expressed my dilemma in a nutshell to a friend, which was basically like pouring my heart out into nothingness. But damn it feels nice.

The stuff with work has been supposedly a long time coming. There is a re-jig and I have changed roles. It would only seem that my new role has less responsibility and less out-of-hours work.  It is quite possibly an easier job. We haven’t started with the new work yet, but I am feeling it might be sad to leave everyone I have worked with for a year now to join another team. So I am preemtively going to cover my own arse here and say that the future me will have something stuck in his eye. I will be happy though knowing that if you don’t talk to me B2 will find me a new friend.

Nutshell: I am now going to be working purely on compliance.

In compliance I will have a new job title. I will have a new team (except the other guys going with me) and a new manager. It’ll be strange to communicate my situation to another team as I do not believe it is widely known that I am still doing Uni and there is a large chunk of Summer which I cannot work. I guess I’ll have to do it up front and let it be known.  With this new job title I will not be able to pick up as many chicks. Linux System Administrator just rolls off the tongue and is literally the most impressive title (besides IBM CEO) that I could ever dream of ascertaining. In my new position I will be referred to as “Security Compliance Expert” or some equally as unattractive name.

Nutshell: I’ll miss what I currently do.

Went to SupaNova and it was pretty good fun. I bussed up with a bunch of friends (some of which cosplayed) and stayed at an  el cheapo accommodation place for literally $50 for the weekend. The beds were short which I implemented a fairly easy solution to (sleeping diagonally with bent knees).  It was cold and a bunch of them snored, but I guess I can’t expect much from a bunch of people (you know what I mean when I say people). We got week long train tickets and the train was a bunch of fun to ride. Not as good as my bike, but it was ok fun.

I can’t say much about supanova because  it is basically admitting defeat. Almost everyone there was massively perverted or at least looked like they were. Apparently those not-so-innocent full body pillows with fully clothed schoolgirls on one side have inappropriate amounts of no clothes on the other side. I feel like one of those lawyers who go and defend murderers who they know are guilty but get away because of some legal loophole.  I’m going to go out and say this right now. Hmmm… I can’t actually admit it. I will stand by my original statement that many guys can simply enjoy anime for its large robots and not entirely because of its scantily clad women/girls/aliens/creatures.

I have the sweetest collection of manga ever. Lupin the 3rd only missing books 8 and 13.  My other books are requirements for my uni course, which apparently has some crazy units.  Only got a few to go before all the sweet units come into play. I really love my bookends too. They are a piston out of one of the planes my Poppy used to fly in.  WOOMERA 1950.  All these books combined with the other stuff on my shelf pretty much sum up my life. It is a little depressing but I can only say that I have grown up on what I have grown up on. I couldn’t chose my parents and there is no way in hell I would have different ones.

So on my shelf I have manga, computer-related text books and toys. Not just any toys. These are pretty much the most awesome set of toys a boy could possibly own.  A millennium falcon, a robotech robot, stegosaurus transformer, remote controlled chinook, and a model warhammer 40k tank. If you look really closely you can see a solar powered boat, die-cast motorbike model and a lego thingo I can’t even remember the name of.  The only thing missing is a raunchy anime doll. I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t have one of those. Perhaps the hugely immoral objectifying of women? Couldn’t be. I am a guy of course.

Nutshell: I have sweet toys which I rarely play with.

There was apparently another topic I wanted to blog about but I cannot gather the necessary concentration or memory to remember what the hell I was going to write. iphone, car, computer, bike  OHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH now I remember. I was going to go on a bit about case modding, or at least my aspirations of case modding.

I’ve got a refrigeration unit for my water cooling. It is too large to run internally unless I had a really really massive case. The unit I have is actually for some sort of drink which is designed to be freezing cold but has pumps to circulate the liquid so it doesn’t turn into ice over the exposed coils. I have a pump which I’ll need to test. and I also have a hell of a lot of plumbing to do.  I have a feeling I’ll be spending a fair while at bunnings trying to figure out what the best tool for the job will be in terms of securing the tubes. It is going to be a lot harder rig the entire system up because there are 2 reservoirs. I’ll think of something, perhaps with my new found spare time.  I still have plenty of time to get it going as I don’t have the CPU or GPU block yet. They will be a purchase after my awesomo skills are perfected and I have a pumping system with 1 input, 1 output,  2 pools, a hell of a lot of coolant and a setup which turns it on with my computer. I would hate to forget to turn on my cooling and have the sweetest i7 around (that is a lie) shut down due to thermal protection.

My other case-mod dream is to build a box with a cluster of 1 RU servers in it. The issue I have at the moment with the servers is the fans are so freaking loud. So once I devise a cooling solution which doesn’t make my room sound like a helipad (not that my ATI is any better) I will box them up and see if I can’t get some numbers crunched or something. I really have no aspirations for these servers except for getting them to boot from a damned tftp server so I don’t have to install an IDE HDD in each of them. That would cost an arm and a leg plus it would put to waste their dual gigabit Ethernet adaptors.  I guess it is really a dream for a side project. I am the worst side-project dreamer ever. I think I have a box sitting up on my shelf which has still got FC6 on it. Kicking it old-school I believe the term is.

Nutshell: I haven’t done any case modding in so freaking long.

Oh my. I haven’t ridden my bike in a week. And before that it was about a week too. I was getting punctures from what I presume was a noob mistake on my part. I had a buckle in my rear wheel so I got the damn thing replaced. The LBS (biking terminology) refitted my tube/tire for me and the wheel only cost $120 as it was a second (apparently due to some kind of defect where a sticker couldn’t be fitted) so I was cheering. Apparently also the little plastic thing which sits inside the tube, whose name eludes me at the moment, was re-used from my old tube and left some of the spoke/eyelet/nipple holes exposed. This caused some issues with pinching and caused me a large amount of tears and sweat replacing tubes on the way to and fro work.  Surprisingly enough I didn’t lose any blood changing my tubes, very surprising. So I have taped up the inner side of the wheel in a hope to avoid having to buy an entire protector thing. No flats yet, but my tube is feeling suspiciously low on air (probably not rated for my weight, but I have a care factor of <0) I might stick some in it before I head off to work tomorrow.  Gotta sleep now or else I won’t make it.

Nutshell: I suck @ riding my bike.

I love adding those comments below my paragraphs of drivel. It seems to add a somewhat awesome summary to my load of crap. Hopefully it adds comprehensionability++. See what I did there? Till next time my following. <3 Mark

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  1. Sarah says:

    Nyaww, Embrace your inner nerd… Don’t be ashamed of us <3. Bumcone!!!

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