Weekly updates – no go.

I was asked why I haven’t blogged yet this week and I was really thinking about it. (Not really) but samrich loves to stir me up about it. I have recently noticed that a few people have posted comments (thanks) and I have seen an increased viewer base. I have no doubt that you are all less than loyal readers out to find something juicy about me and my life. I’ll tell you right here and now that it isn’t interesting at all.

Exciting times with the new 3.0 firmware coming out for the Iphone (note the capitalisation). I’m not a huge fan of the phone’s brand or even the fact that everyone who has one looks like a pretentious douchebag.  Let me tell you. Every damned Iphone owner I have seen so far  has not come across like this. I’ve seen some mac fanboys parading around with their macbook pros, dual G5s or macbook minis (you know who you are) and they are the ones giving us a bad name. Although the phone itself doesn’t lend itself to any of the good praise it deserves. It is noticeably thicker than the ipod touch and I swear I cannot get reception in the best of places.  The new features.

  • MMS: I’ve never sent an MMS due to previous phone contracts and the fact that I have never had a use for it. I can see this changing with the new feature. It is pretty awesome. I exchanged a few with a nice guy from work to see how it handled the “mms phone number conversion” thingo. It seemed to work alright except it had trouble translating the number from an international number to a number in my address book. It worked from mine though. I assume this is a problem with the MMS protocol or something strange, as it required me to input my own telephone number and I put it as what I thought my number was, nothing crazy with country codes. MMS was pretty good. I look forward to sending you guys crazy MMSes soon.
  • Tethering: Damn this sounds like it could be awesome. I can’t find the way to do it but I think it involves itunes and something else crazy like that. There also seem to be some contracts out there that stipulate you can’t use your data for tethering. Sounds like a pain in the arse and I better check out mine before I start tethering with the built in leash.
  • Voice recorder: I just tested this thing for about 2 minutes and already came to a few conclusions. It sucks. My voice is really strange. I lost my love for voice recorders when I turned 13.
  • Call history: Apparently before 3.0 there was an issue with the “recent” calls not listing whether they were in or out. I can see how this is a massive problem, but one I have never faced. Good job on fixing it. I’m sure there were lots of people out there with OCD with that itch which just couldn’t be scratched.
  • SMS load speed: This is still pretty much the same. I will stab the next person who gives me crap for the speed my messages load. Either stab or attempt to point out the massive technological advances which have made messages take <5 seconds from anywhere across the world instead of months via the seven seas.  I will then proceed to imagine me stabbing them. If you talk to me about message loading speeds I will imagine stabbing you with my phone. I know it’ll be more of a bludgeoning, but don’t make me stab you about that.
  • Something just happened on my phone. I reset it and the music I put on there is still there. I am a true believer of miracles. I have seen the light.

Stuff ‘n’ Things.

Now it comes down to my personal life. I recently replaced the water in my radiator plus the 2 giant hoses connecting the radiator to the engine. The other ones looked tricky and weren’t leaking so I figured I would leave them for another day. The water was atrocious. I can’t believe I had let it get like that. My heater is working much better now the water has been changed for something decent like coolant (non-mud filled coolant). I can only assume this has also had a positive impact on the car’s performance. Next I’ve got to attach a new (still new in sealed plastic) aerial which I purchased from aussie junk for $3. And check my spark plugs / high tension leads for deterioration and wear. I’ll have this baby running fine in no time.  I probably should polish the paint job, but until daylight savings gives me 32 hour days I don’t think I will have the time.

I got myself a bike light at “Aussie Junk” which is basically the tip for recycling stuff. http://www.aussiejunk.com.au/home. A very worthwhile place to visit if you are after a bargin of any sort. I get all kinds of things from there. A  new hubcap for my champagne chariot was a good find. I get all kinds of things from out there. But nothing of extreme value yet. I am looking for a decent pump for my water cooling setup. I might find something soon.This thing has spent more time on my finger and desk than on my bike (although the same thing could be said for the moon, as it has never been on my bike).  Now I think about that a lot of stuff has spent more time anywhere but the moon.

Here is the top of my computer. I have all kinds of things ontop of it. A “colorado 5GB” tape drive, USB xbox360 controller (still haven’t played a game with it), half my case screws, USB HDD (120gb) and a suspect peice of RAM. I would have more stuff on there but a lot of valuable real estate is being occupied by the “fan air chute” thingo  which is rather annoying. My desk itself has way too many various things to mention so I won’t go ahead and give you guys a few minutes of your lives back (again not to mention how many hours it would take me to catalog this crap). Call me a life saver and you will be right. I really need to get back to cleaning my room too.

I have this stashed behind my door, chiefly because it has no other place to stay. Back at home (Moruya) we used to have a mock orange tree and spent a lot of time making our own homemade arrows. There is an entire story in this so I will not and cannot drag it on here. Perhaps I’ll write it down somewhere for future generations of the Desborough genes.  I would like a segway right now.

Speaking of family. I’d just like to put a quick note that I think I have the best family ever. They even have great family friends. I recently visited a whole lotta people I had not seen in about 8 years and my-oh-my had they grown up. My Nana is still the exact same as I remember her.  Great family.

As for the title I thought I might get down to it eventually. I have been a fan of yatzee over @ zeropunctuation for(almost)ever. I would believe that it has been pushed upon him to release weekly updates. Every single Wednesday. This can’t be good for a creative genius’ style or soul. I feel that this has had a negative impact on the quality of yatzee’s productions.  Therefore I will not push updates on a regular basis (or my blog might turn out the same as it is (crapping on about things in my room(instead of crapping on about interesting things like case-modding, water cooling or excellent computing tips))).

I haven’t weighed myself since the last time I took that picture of the scales. I can only assume I have been getting bigger from not riding, but smaller since I have been fending off a cold. My new assumption is that there has been no weight difference over the last few weeks. You’ll have to take my word on this because I’m not going to take another damned picture. “93.8” while wearing a shirt and the same pants.  That is right. If you zoom in, pan left 35 degrees then enhance you can see me without a shirt on. I’ve gotta go out and buy some winter riding gear or else I’ll freeze my arse off and never want to go to work.

Nothing to report on the school front. Apparently I did “quite well” on the exam. Results will be posted 6th of July I believe. Comic Convention front. There is one I am going to freaking soon. I haven’t booked yet. Gotta get onto it or else I can’t go. Girl front. All quiet. There might be some movement if I can muster the skills required to spew up some money for the tickets to the IBM winter ball. It would be hella awesome. Ok the money isn’t an issue, damn nerves.

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